[extropy-chat] Fwd: SURVIVAL: An impulse behind transhumanism?

Joseph Bloch transhumanist at goldenfuture.net
Thu Jun 29 00:05:33 UTC 2006

It's so obvious a notion it's profound when you see it written down.

There are a lot of other impulses behind >H, of course. Freedom comes to 

But there are, of course, currents within >H for whom Equality trumps 
Freedom as a driving force. But what both camps have in common is the 
pursuit of Survival. They just disagree as to how best to get there.


Natasha Vita-More wrote:

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>> Subject: SURVIVAL:  An impulse behind transhumanism?
>> Someone asked me recently what the impulse behind transhumanism was.  
>> I said survival. 
>> If the driving force of transhumanism is an innate /and /informed 
>> desire to improve the human condition, then survival would be an 
>> element of this driver. But I am not sure if this is a chicken/egg 
>> thing. 
>> Thoughts?
>> Natasha
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