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> From: Russell Wallace 
> >>Someone asked me recently what the impulse behind
> transhumanism was.  I
> >>said survival.
> >I agree completely.
> I'd like to take this a step further.  Can you find
> parallels in society in
> which a movement was developed for the sake of
> survival?  

Hi Natasha,

In a general Darwinian sense, most historical
movements have had some aspect of survival to them.
For most movements however, this was implicit and
tangential to the stated aims. As far as movements
aimed at survival, most every paramilitary
organization and martial art is specifically about
survival. Not to mention the survivalist movement

Although, we are perhaps a bit more subtle
philosophically, still engaged with the rest of the
world, and looking for a technological edge, IMO we
have quite a bit in common with survivalism. The major
difference is that survivalism is "every man for
himself" whereas our philosophy is "We can survive as
a group, if we can just WAKE UP." 

Stuart LaForge
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"God doesn't play dice with the universe." - Albert Einstein

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