[extropy-chat] Reverse Evolution ?

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Thu Mar 2 02:34:52 UTC 2006

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> How about:
> The currently-accepted scientific model of evolution was first laid
> out in Darwin's book On The Origin of Species Through Natural
> Selection... explains the gradual
> production of all of life's diversity.
> (by Lenny Flank, as presented to middle-school kids, used with permission)
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> MB

Thanks MB, this is good.  Since Miller's The Mating Mind came out recently,
I have been interested in how mate selection plays a part in evolution.  It
seems to me to have perhaps an even greater influence on evolution than does
natural selection, yet most simplified explanations of evolution downplay it
or fail to mention that mechanism of change.  It provides a powerful
explanation for some really wacky three sigma features, such as the
peacock's tail and the human's wildly distended bulbous head.

Has everyone here seen the 10 minute section in Sagan's Cosmos on evolution?
That was excellent.  Perhaps we need a computer game or simulation.


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