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I think you took the BTW...A little out of context, I was having fun and
chastising myself for hubris because I was accused of taking things too
seriously.  I was referring to high school and later in life I diligently
tried to make up my deficiency in mathematics and embraced practical Physics
and Chemistry, though, unfortunately, not beyond the basics.

My love of reading and writing was all consuming and I poured over advanced
theory in physics from an early age, trying to make sense of the math.
Again, sadly, I possessed no aptitude for mathematics.

Low SAT scores in math and no advanced study in Physics or Chemistry does
not mean that I haven't developed a highly rational mind. Part of the
function of a rational mind is a desire to understand and control the
environment around it. I consider a man to be inferior if he doesn't know
how many cylinders his car engine has and a woman quaint if she thinks her
$100 cell phone can blast a signal up to a satellite.  I judge people by
some basic standards I have set up. I find very few people who reach those

Why doesn't my first statement stand alone on it's own merits?


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> I don't think you are in a solid position to make this statement:
> Pete Bertine pkbertine at hotmail.com :
> >The ignorance of today's "educated" person is staggering. I frequently
> >ask people how they think cell phones work.  A frequent reply (other
> >than who cares) is that they "talk to satellites." A person in the
> >middle of a concrete building thinks their phone goes straight to a
> >satellite, bounces off it and "talks" to their friend's phone in the
> >same room or around the world.
> Because later in another message, you say:
> >BTW... I hated physics and chemistry, too much math.  Words were so
> >much more fun.  Big mistake.  Where was my intellectual curiosity?
> Did you do something about it?
> Amara
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