[extropy-chat] C 101 Meta

Eric Messick exi at syzygy.com
Sun Mar 5 17:57:20 UTC 2006

>>Please take _____ discussions off list.
>>Thank you,
>Ok, but the consequences may be like a math list that can no longer mention 
>the number 3 or Taylor's method.
>Part of the problem is that ____'s are a manifestation of M's.  Do we need 
>to drop mention of M as well?

I think meta-level discussion of cults is important.

I think details of specific cults would be best left as small examples
of specific meta-points.

Why is a discussion of cults important?  As Keith points out, there is
a strong relationship between cults and memes.  We're moving away from
genetic evolution towards memetic evolution.  Surely a phase change
like that is a good topic for extropians to be thinking about.  Memes
illuminate discussions about consciousness, which to me connects to
uploading and cryonics.  Cults and religions are strong memesets, and
tie in to basic aspects of what it is to be human.  If we want to
break free of these constraints, we must understand what they are and
where they are coming from.  Refusing to look at cults promotes
ignorance, rather than understanding.

I'm not particularly interested in hearing discussions of specific
beliefs of specific cults (where the ufo's come from, or what they're
doing or whatever).  I would like to see discussion of how cults and
religions manage to exercise so much control over so many human
minds.  There, I think details of techniques are appropriate to


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