[extropy-chat] Planet Future merged h+ RSS news aggregator

Giu1i0 Pri5c0 pgptag at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 09:45:14 UTC 2006

I have set up this merged rss feed with news of h+ interest. It is
very easy to integrate in a website (RSS or just include a php file):
This is a list of the feeds that I am combining, suggestions welcome.
I wish to add some more feeds as it does not look balanced - Boing
Boing alone is updated as frequently as the others combined.
So what are the best of the best h+ and emerging tech feeds to include here?
Tx for all suggestions.

name = Science at Slashdot

name = World Changing

name = Technology Review

name = Technology Review

mame = Technology Review

name = Technology Review

name = Technology Review

name = Technology Review

name = CRN

name = Boing Boing

name = Tendencias (Spanish)

name = SL Future Salon

name = Accelerating Future

name = Post-Interesting

name = IFTF

name = Changesurfer Radio

name = Anders Sandberg

name = Neofiles

name = Brain Waves

name = Foresight Institute

name = Rudy Rucker

name = New Scientist

name = Wired News

name = Betterhumans

name = KurzweilAI

name = IEET

name = Cyborg Democracy

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