[extropy-chat] ARTS: Oscar Award comments re Gay and Transgender Films

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Mon Mar 6 20:40:14 UTC 2006

I watched the Oscars last night, away from LA and the parties on Sunset
Strip.  (I enjoyed time alone with the freedom to flick the channel when
acceptance awards went on too long - just time enough to watch the latest
designs on HGTV, and then back again.)

I have been to the Grammy Awards and at the Oscar parties on the Strip.  I
loved it - fun, exciting and full of glamour and panache.  Today is
different. It is not so subdued and regal as it once was. Now it is a bit
brash and in your face. But change is a good thing, at least when it comes
to the content of this year's films.

I liked George Clooney's comment about changes regarding independent films'
content and the studio major's technology.  The independents have become
story wise and the studios have become technology rich.  Perhaps they will
marry more engaging stories in 3D, VR, TP, and synthetic reality.

But the gay and transgender storylines couldn't have a place in the sun for
more than an evening without people being up in arms:

"Others weren't surprised that the gay-themed films found mixed success at
the Oscars.

"I think America sent a message to those in the industry that this isn't
something that they're interested in, and hopefully this was something that
weighed heavily on them as they voted for these pictures," said Alan
Chambers, president of Orlando, Florida-based Exodus International, a
Christian organization that promotes "freedom from homosexuality." 

As far as I am concerned, there was not a "mixed" success of gay-themed
films at the Oscars.  Not taking home a majority of awards does not mean
there were not successful; it simply means that someone else's direction,
acting, editing, etc. was a little better. Being nominated illustrates the
strong sentiment of quality in filmmaking, especially independent films. 
I'd like freedom from the brashness and a little more of that subdued,
gentle quality of Brokeback and the sternly elegant appearance of Felicity


Natasha Vita-More

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