[extropy-chat] Gravity, Energy , Mass and my mother

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AKA Anne Marie, I do apologize for accidentally posting to the list a

comment meant for one person.  My reference to you as a

pleasant clueless one should be seen in the light of the fact that

I myself am a pleasant clueless one, for not noticing the cc line.




But honest to evolution pal, do not post wacky stuff like this.  This

whole psionics thing (whatever that is) I can assure you does not

belong on ExI chat.  In the current atmosphere of swift and severe

list sniping (so much so that I sniped myself) this can cause you

to join me and several others in the penalty box.


Science and technology is the currency of the realm here, not 



Thanks for being kind tho.  {8-]





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Thank you for the insight, when I wrote this I had been learning about

Psionics and tried to incorporate the two. I thought everything in the

has energy and mass (humans) and that interaction with other humans

(not on an emotional level but on an energy level) could simply be that

gravity could somehow be involved, that's why you meet specific people

at a certain time.  I used radiation as an example to show that if your not

aware of the energy field between two people, that your association may

be contamination (warmful, useless ect..).  I was making an assumption

that all humans have their own energy force and if interaction between 

humans is all about the energy then like Einstein's theory, a ray of light 

(and other forms of energy) could in fact change a human's own energy 

level or chemical reactions.


But my mother always told me I have a wild imagination:)

Thanks Jef for taking your time.



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