[extropy-chat] Gravity, Energy , Mass and my mother

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Thu Mar 9 06:05:59 UTC 2006

On Mar 8, 2006, at 1:18 PM, Anne-Marie Taylor wrote:

> Thank you for the insight, when I wrote this I had been learning about
> Psionics and tried to incorporate the two. I thought everything in  
> the universe
> has energy and mass (humans) and that interaction with other humans
> (not on an emotional level but on an energy level) could simply be  
> that
> gravity could somehow be involved, that's why you meet specific people
> at a certain time.

Mass/energy and curved space-time about wraps up what the universe  
is.  But what the heck is "psionics"?  What Google tells me doesn't  
look good, bunches of stuff assuming various psychic abilities and  
that machines can be used to augment same.  Nothing to do with  
science in the lot as far as I can tell.  Why would you want to play  
with that?  What the heck is this "energy level"?  Is it real energy  
that we can measure and test or some woolly headed "vibes" or what?   
What would gravity have to do with meeting this person rather than  
that person?  Do your words mean anything at all?  Do you care about  
whether they have meaning and actually describe how things are and  
that you can know whether they do or not?  If you don't care then  
this really isn't the place for you.

> I used radiation as an example to show that if your not
> aware of the energy field between two people, that your association  
> may
> be contamination (warmful, useless ect..).

What is "warmful", "ect"?  Will you at least bother to proof-read  
please?  You used scientific words to mean nothing at all or  
something we have no real evidence of.  This isn't even justified as  
metaphor.  It is sloppy and useless.

If you don't intend to think and write more clearly then please leave  
as you will only annoy the rest of us.

- samantha

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