[extropy-chat] Gravity, Energy, Mass and my mother

ben benboc at lineone.net
Sat Mar 11 20:58:18 UTC 2006

Emlyn wrote:

> Samantha wrote:
>> Assertion of various non-sensical things is asking for help?  Even if
>> it is the above question about the purpose of the list remains.
>> - samantha
> I agree with Samantha... those posts are not about asking for help.
> They're like the output of a markov chaining bot which has been primed
> with new age gobbledegook.
> Learning things is really cool. But a systematic, rational approach to
> inquiry is necessary before you're going to get anywhere.

I couldn't agree more. But, (unlike Lee), i think that's an approach
it's possible to learn.

Is this the right place to start learning that?
Maybe, maybe not. It's helped me, i think. I've definitely learned
things from this list. The fact that that's not it's stated purpose is
irrelevant. The list doesn't have a purpose any more than the genes
controlling my fat metabolism do. It's people that have purposes, and
just as i have one for my fat genes, and one for this list, so does
everyone else have a purpose for the list.

I can't speak for Anna, maybe she isn't asking for help as such, but she
has a purpose in being here. It's a bit harsh calling her a troll, as
long as she isn't causing a problem - i.e. her purpose for the list
conflicting with that of most others on it. We have had genuine trolls
here in the past, i don't need to mention any names. Does Anna compare?
I hardly think so. Anyway, we have a List Despot for those decisions.

I feel there's a big difference between "Anna you're talking rubbish, go
away", and "Anna, you're talking rubbish, please go and get yourself an
education in basic physics/whatever, and come back so we can maybe have
a meaningful discussion". OK, maybe this isn't the appropriate place to
get such an education (but it's a great place to learn about flying
cars, hydrogen power, why we have genocidal tendencies, what the real
C-word is, etc.).

I used to be a hippie. I got better.


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