[extropy-chat] Meta Transhumanism and Axx Rxxx

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 15 07:43:50 UTC 2006

My offering, quick and dirty.

Social creatures -- humans among them -- live in
groups because of the survival benefit derived, and
manifest strong instinctive loyalty-to-the-group 
behaviors.  In humans this is tribalism, with tribal
loyalty taking the form "My tribe right or wrong." 
Social groups -- herds, packs, tribes -- need identity
markers for members.  For humans, the memes of a
belief system constitute one set of identity markers.


Best, Jeff Davis    

--- Keith Henson <hkhenson at rogers.com> wrote:

> At 07:23 PM 2/18/2006 +1100, Marc Geddes wrote:
> snip
> >You know a person reading on the net or hanging out
> >with high IQ folks can be inundated with bullshit
> if
> >one is not careful.
> snip
> Would you, would the list, be up to a Meta level
> discussion of *why* the 
> evolved social primates known as humans believe
> mutually incompatible 
> things?  Why they believe anything at all?  Why they
> kill each other over 
> beliefs?  Why people resist learning about these
> subjects?  (MetaMeta level!)
> I *think* I know some of the reasons, but good
> discussion (which is hard to 
> find) files the rough edges off the memes.
> Keith Henson
> PS.  If you think that serious life extension will
> *ever* happen, then 
> "we're only haggling over the price."  :-)
> (old joke)
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