[extropy-chat] Thanks for listening

Samantha Atkins sjatkins at mac.com
Thu Mar 16 10:09:04 UTC 2006

Hi Anna,

I'm glad to see we didn't chase you away.  I believe you are  
basically honest, intelligent and a good-hearted person.

> Samantha wrote:
> I don't believe attempting to wake you to the problem some of us have
> at times with your posts or the way I did it was all that rude.  I  
> have
> also gone to bat for you more than once.
> +
> But you were imo being too sloppy in your thinking and
> communication to actually get much out of being here.  I am happy for
> you to be here as long as you make some effort to think through what
> you are saying a bit more.
> >>Thank you and I know you have.  A little push, might be at times, be
> >>very beneficial.
> >>I'll try! to do more research next time I post, sometimes quick  
> fingers
> >>take over you.

Good enough.  Thanks.

> >>But to be honest, I didn't think you where rude, I thougth Emlyn  
> was:)
> >>A Troll makes a person feel unwanted, small (opposite of rather  
> large)
> >>and dumb. Why would anybody want to make someone feel like that,   
> >>especially without common knowledge about that person?

Ah, I see.


> >Anne-Marie Taylor wrote:
> > If that's not Extropian then what is?
> Samantha wrote:
> Wanting to learn per se and not intending to harm anyone is true of a
> lot of people who aren't particularly extropic.
> >>You are right, I've just started to learn about extropy and I'll  
> probably
> >>make a few mistakes along the way.
> >>At the same time, I don't think people need to be criticized in  
> any form.
> >>It's just a feeling, it might be wrong?

Well, remember there is a difference between criticizing the ideas a  
person expresses and how they are expressed as opposed to attacking  
the person themselves.    Mistakes are part of learning and to be  

> Again, Sorry if I have offended anybody, I have a habit of that.
> I am in! no way insulting Emlyn, I really liked his site, he's  
> talented.
> I was just making a point that not all extropians have to be the same,
> and at the same time, take the time to know someone before you  
> judge them:)
> Thanks for listening:)

You're welcome.  Thanks for saying.

- samantha
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