[extropy-chat] Pluto New Horizons launch -getting ready

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 16 09:23:32 UTC 2006

Oh my God!  I went to the site, Robert, per your

> http://www.fourmilab.ch/solar/
> which appears to link to a viewer letting you
> specify the date and see where
> the planets are.

And I was, you know, messin' around like.  Checkin'
out the positions of the outer three planets at
various times.  Like nine and a half years from now,
for instance.  That's when the pluto probe will arrive
at its destination.  And then when I went to check out
the orbital period of pluto, I made a striking
discovery.  At twelve noon on the first of Jan, 2100,
the planet pluto will suddenly and inexplicably
disappear from the solar system.

Do they have a Nobel prize in astronomy?  Do you think
I should write the Nobel committee and let them know
what I've discovered?  Do you have their address?  Oh,
wait, I can Google that up.  Nevermind.  Thanks for
your help though.  I'll mention you, credit you, speak
highly of you in my acceptance speech.

Best, Jeff Davis

"That's the whole problem with science. You've got a
bunch of empiricists trying to describe things of
unimaginable wonder."
                 --Calvin (& Hobbes)

PS  Here's that Nobel info:

(You should write 'em, Robert.  You do very good work.
 Not like the discovery of a disappearing planet,
maybe, but damn fine work.  I'm sure you could get one
of those statue thingies.  Maybe not the full-sized
one, you know, unless they had like some extras, but
for sure a little one that you could like put on your
key chain.  Personally, I think you deserve the
full-sized one.  Dang it!  You know what?  You know
that big cash award that goes along with the statue? 
Well I'm gonna split MY award with you.  You were
instrumental in my making my momentous discovery. 
Quite frankly, I couldn't have done it without you. 
So there.  It's decided.  I'll be gettin' back to you
shortly, when the check arrives.  We'll divvy it up
and go out and celebrate.  Yeah!

Till then, keep up the good work.)   


Office of the Nobel Foundation
Mailing address: Box 5232, SE-102 45 Stockholm  
Visiting address:
Sturegatan 14  
Phone: +46 8 663 09 20  
Fax: +46 8 660 38 47  
Email: info at nobel.se 
Office hours: Jan. 1-June 14, 
Sept. 15-Dec. 31: 
9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
June 15 - Sept. 14: 
9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.  


--- Robert Bradbury <robert.bradbury at gmail.com> wrote:

> Come on Jeff, you can Google as well as I can --
> something like "planet
> positions in the solar system" or similar should
> yield something.  I came up
> with
> http://www.fourmilab.ch/solar/
> which appears to link to a viewer letting you
> specify the date and see where
> the planets are.  I would bet NASA or others have
> some fancy web application
> that allow you to do slingshot calculations...
> After all this isn't rocket sci....  Oh wait, maybe
> it is...
> R.
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