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Thu Mar 16 21:49:01 UTC 2006

From:  hal at finney.org ("Hal Finney")

Natasha wrote:
> Marcene Sonneborn just posted to a list I am on the updated nano film.
> http://www.lizardfire.com/html_nano/themovies.html
> CRN also has a blurb about it on their site:
> http://crnano.typepad.com/crnblog/2006/03/mustsee_movie_i.html

"A streaming version is also available from Google Video:
The resolution is not quite as good but it will let you watch it
without waiting for a long download.

"I have criticized earlier versions of this video, and while I think this
one is entertaining (love the factory-style sound effects! I was waiting
for the lunch whistle...) and informative, I still have major concerns.
Here is my comment from the CRN blog:"

Thank you so much for this critique.


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