[extropy-chat] Drug Trial from Hell

Ian Goddard iamgoddard at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 03:26:01 UTC 2006

Here's a horrifying story of a new drug that passed
animal tests, but the first humans suffered immediate
hideous life-threatening reactions. They were given a
dose 500 times lower than the relative animal dose.
[1] The drug, TGN1412, is an "immunomodulatory
humanised monoclonal antibody." [2] This report
describes some of what happened, the quoted speaker
was a subject who luckily received a placebo shot:


"It was like a scene from hell"

"The test ward turned into a living hell minutes after
we were injected. The men went down like dominoes.

First they began tearing their shirts off complaining
of fever, then some screamed out that their heads felt
like they were about to explode.

After that they started fainting, vomiting and
writhing around in their beds." [...] 

The head of trainee plumber Ryan Wilson, 21, is three
times its normal size and his limbs are purple.
Doctors said his chances of survival were slim.

Another victim, a 28-year-old Asian man, was said to
“look like The Elephant Man”.

Full Report:

Me again: Descriptions of the drug suggest it may have
put the subject's immune systems into overdrive on an
autoimmune rampage. Hope they recover! ~Ian


[2] http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn8852-new-drug-trial-puts-six-men-in-intensive-care.html

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