[extropy-chat] Extraterrestrial Rain?

Ian Goddard iamgoddard at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 22 16:10:47 UTC 2006

Media sources including the New Scientist are
reporting that red rains in Kerala, India may have
been colored by extraterrestrial microbes. However, I
located a report commissioned by the Government of
India that found the rains were contaminated by
terrestrial algae spores that were successfully grown
in culture. This most-important official report is not
mentioned in any of the recent media reports.

Moving the alien-invader theory aside finds the real
mystery at hand: How did so many terrestrial spores
contaminate rains in Kerala during the 2001 monsoon
season? That question was raised as an unsolved
mystery in the official report. After extensive
research on that question I built what I believe might
be the best explanatory model for the colored rains of



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