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On 3/21/06, spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:

If I have seen further than others, it is because I bought a better
telescope, with a really cool CCD focal plane array, and fed the
data to my computer.

>Sorry spike, its not often that I get a chance to correct the hard core
engineer, but I can't resist.  To see "further" than others you have to look
for the most distant light.  Given the expansion of the universe it is all
going to be red-shifted into the IR.  CCD's have poor IR response...Robert


Yes my young physicist friend, you are correct.  However I specified a
"really cool"

CCD array, since low temperatures are required to get the desired response
in the

longer wavelengths.  


I propose a generalization of Amara's transhumanists changing lightbulbs
jokes.  This

humor contest can include any clever reworking of any well-known quote, such

Newton's seeing further, mambo chickens crossing roads and so forth.  Let us

a good old-fashioned extropian punfest, just to celebrate the fact that we

managed to achieve the goal of going several months without flaming each

brains out.  ExI-chat has become a kinder and gentler place.  Do let us keep

that way, shall we?  


{8-]  spike








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