[extropy-chat] vitamin website

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Sat Mar 25 02:59:58 UTC 2006

One of our sidelined posters has asked me to post a message that
I would have disallowed for being advertisement.  Your mileage
may vary, but I don't see any harm in supplying the link.  I am
not endorsing this site, haven't read it, I'm just passing along 
info.  {8-]


Dear Health Enthusiast,

The media has launched an unprecedented attack against the use of natural
approaches that promote greater health and longevity.

The June 2006 issue of Life Extension magazine will be dedicated to refuting
the preposterous allegations that have been turned into headline news
stories. You can preview some of the rebuttals we are preparing at our
website, or by downloading the entire article in PDF format.



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