[extropy-chat] Global warming news

Alfio Puglisi alfio.puglisi at gmail.com
Sat Mar 25 21:17:38 UTC 2006

On 3/25/06, Robert Bradbury <robert.bradbury at gmail.com> wrote:

> The comments by Martin seem to be being made by someone who has "bought" the
> conventional wisdom we see on TV or in the newspapers... "Global warming is
> a problem", "The glaciers are melting", "We will destroy the planet", etc.
> The scientific experiments *were* done *1999* that showed we could fertilize
> the oceans and produce an expansion of biomass.

If I remember correctly, the esperiments were done with a substantial
quantity of iron (tons or more). Do you have an estimate of how much
iron would be needed to generate enough biomass to store away 10^14 kg
of carbon? (aeiveos.com seems down at the moment).


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