[extropy-chat] Why "Commandments"

Jef Allbright jef at jefallbright.net
Sun Oct 1 06:51:18 UTC 2006

Damien wrote:
Getting rid of moral commands from above is a great idea. Getting rid 
of the far too definite *the* and the far too limited *ten* are great
ideas. Getting rid of *Way* would be good, too, although that seems a
touch less pernicious. "Some suggestions," yes indeed. "A few 
recommendations." "A mixed bunch of hints, clues and possible
shortcuts, offered IMHO; check my credentials with people who know
me." Like that?
Then Olie Lamb wrote:
Indeed, it would be challenge  enough to create a list: 
"Generally-agreed Extropian Ideas" 
What an improvement it would be if we changed our focus from ends (what
we think our future selves would want) to instead focus on increasingly
effective principles of problem-solving (the problem being how best to
promote our values into the future) trusting that the outcome, whatever
the particulars, is the best we could have done at that point.  Then
rinse, lather, repeat.
- Jef
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