[extropy-chat] TRENDS: Email is so yesterday

Emlyn emlynoregan at gmail.com
Fri Oct 6 00:14:47 UTC 2006

> I have noticed an unfortunate trend that companies seem to have less
> and less corporate memory because not much is committed to documents.
> Email is often either not kept on not formally archived and made fully
> searchable.
> - samantha

You are right about email. Our company uses Outlook + Exchange, which
effectively means you lose your entire email history every so often

That's why I use gmail. I don't want to be trapped by a corporate
email account ever again. I redirect everything into my gmail, and my
ongoing email memory is my concern from then on, excellently
searchable, accessible everywhere. If only I could pay google some
pittance to ensure that my email was going to stick around into the
long term, or at least have an archiving mechanism to give me some
insurance. But the app is so good, I'm willing to keep taking that


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