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Well, dive in anywhere  :  )


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And you'll notice there is a lot going on here; I have the feeling it's 
another area where "scientific opinion" may be strongly in transition 
-actual experiments exploring exactly what you propose are on the 
go...but there's not much funding there, y'know  :  )  The main [funded] 
exploration is still looking at downregulation in the context of 
stopping people becoming addicted to "illegal substances" or sleeping 
tablets [benzodiazepines]. If you're into this idea though, it's a great 
opportunity to go fishing. We've both got labs at our disposal so how 
about let's look for our own answer?  :  )
PS you play 'Homeworld' at all? :  )

Anders Sandberg wrote:

>Alex Ramonsky wrote:
>>>I have the feeling that preventing downregulation or upregulation would
>>>pretty pharmacologically useful, anybody know how well we have learned to
>>>control such functions?
>>Well if 'we' means 'the scientific community' I have no idea. If 'we'
>>means the neurohackers community there are various approaches including
>>using biofeedback, acetylcholinesterase inhibitors and 'pacing' [you
>>take serotonin on the way up, for a slower takeoff and softer landing].
>>A lot seems to depend on sleep regulation too. Ha! Discipline!  :  )
>Hmm, while sleep and biofeedback likely are healthy it seems more
>efficient to directly try to prevent the receptors from going into the
>cytosol, being proteased and all that happens to them.
>This paper suggests that at least in some cases other drugs can prevent
>downregulaton (in this case of adrenergic receptors):
>"Prevention by theophylline of beta-2-receptor down regulation in healthy

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