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I have Physics Illustrator on my Tablet PC. Here is the link - 
(and as Jay said if you have a desktop or a normal laptop with Windows it won't work, only if you have the tablet pc operating system). While the program is fun to play with, and perhaps demonstrate something at a presentation, the problem I experienced with the program is that there is no output! You can not save it to an .avi or an .mov to show later or upload to a website. If you have a way to record your screen (and those are out there) you could record it, and if you are anything but perfect in your drawing (or in your just stopping to think) you might have to modify your footage (cut boring or incorrect frames out) and resave it, more work. In fact I talked about this problem on my animation blog - and came to the conclusion that self recording is the only way to output PI. 
To answer Robert, I can tell you how Physics Illustrator works, you draw directly on your computer screen and you could then show it via projector. But in the case of this YouTube video, in the beginning we hear the man (Professor Randall Davis) say "let me show you an example of the Assist Sketch Understanding System" which looks like it comes out of MIT, and so appears not to be of the Microsoft variety. These are two different programs. In his program Davis is actually drawing on the screen. This may be similar technology to some of the other onscreen interactive progress that has been going on like the Khronos Projector (also wrote about this on my blog here: http://nanogirlblog.blogspot.com/2006/01/khronos-projector.html) There are other examples too, I think some have shown at Siggraph and Wired. Do a Google search for "interactive screen". You can also read more about the MIT program by searching for "Assist Sketch Understanding System". Regards, 

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  I think that program has the name "Physics Illustrator," and runs only
  on Tablet PCs. You can download it for free. (No link handy, just
  Google.) I'd like to know more about the whiteboard-style interface he
  uses in the video.

  Enjoy spring time, Emlyn!

  Jay Dugger
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