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Henrique Moraes Machado (oplnk) hemm at openlink.com.br
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Hollywood has a bad record on depicting AIs. Usually humans are it's enemy or food or whatever makes it very likely to kill everything. It's like any singularity event would necessarily be distopic.

There's perhaps one movie (which I can remember) where AI is at least interesting. and it's *not* 2001. If you remember the very first Star Trek movie, You'll remember that V'Ger thing.

It looks very much like a product of a civilisation that has come through a singularity. And in the end of the movie, someone is actually uploaded into the AI.

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  Hey y'all,

  I'm wondering when the first "blockbuster" Singularity movie will emerge out of Hollywood. I have no doubt that it will happen eventually. If a film isn't already underway, this might be a good opportunity for someone in the pro-Singularity camp to make a positive contribution to Singularity awareness. The masses want to be entertained if they are to be expected to learn anything. I think Ray Kurzweil would be a good candidate for writing the screenplay (if he was interested) for several reasons: expertise, name recognition, balanced analyses, and a double major including creative writing. And I think the Wachowski brothers would make good Directors for it. (They are famous for "The Matrix" of course). To guard against the possibility that a film would only add to the "fiction" interpretation of the Singularity meme, the film could begin with an brief written explanation to the effect that: although the film itself is fictional, the Singularity is a "real" projected event that is anticipated by many experts in various fields. (Or something like that). A good, thought provoking film, might get a lot of people talking who otherwise might not learn of the Singularity for quite some time.

  Best Wishes,

  Jeffrey Herrlich 

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