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Sat Oct 28 17:08:02 UTC 2006

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> --- spike <spike66 at comcast.net> wrote:
> > ...
> > > ... the "athletes paradox" as it relates to aging...
> > If one is thin, one does not waste one's limited
> > supply of stem cells in the
> > creation of useless and harmful flab...
> Very perceptive and very correct, Spike.

Cool!  Thanks Avant, has the medical establishment weighed in on this?

> I would further add that exercising to much, too young
> and or CR too young will both stunt ones growth...

Ja, but growth is overrated.  Look at Yoda: a runt he was.  For centuries he
lived.  Funny he talked.

> This is exemplified by women marathon runners who lose
> their menses while in training.

That explains why one would go out to the track after the women's marathon
team had been working out, find menses lying about.

> In nematodes (heh I love that word)...

Ja, that is a cool word.  I know an even better one: nudibranch.  It's
actually a sea slug, but it always makes me think of a bank featuring naked
tellers.  What a concept!  I would put my money there in a heartbeat.  We
could have special pictorial nudibranch checks, which might not even be
cashed because they would be collector's items.  On the other hand, people
might take out loans, then intentionally not pay in order to be visited at
home by nude collections agents.

> ...if you fry a nematodes testis off with a laser, it
> lives longer?)

I will do a lot to live longer, starve myself, whatever, but there are some
lengths to which I refuse to go.  And quite frankly I am suspicious of the
"scientist" who discovered this fact.  What gave her the idea in the first

There may be other explanations for why the laser-neutered nematodes lived
longer.  They might have merely been more mellow, less likely to participate
in dangerous behaviors, such as hanging out in rough nematode bars.  Picture
a bunch of testosterone-juiced nematodes sitting around guzzling
Buuud-Wiise-Urrr, debating over who is tougher, toads or frogs.  Toads are
bigger, fatter and uglier than frogs, but frogs are faster and more
athletic.  Pretty soon some drunken nematode proposes starting a rumble with
the frog bar across the pond.  Injuries or serious death may result.

> While the dauer nematode can put their development on
> hold to pick it up later, I don't think mammals can do
> that...

I have put my mental development on hold a number of times, but was always
able to resume it later.  To some extent.

> ... young healthy athletes
> keeling over dead for no apparent reason...

The news agencies covered it up.  The deaths were from medical complications
stemming from fried testes and lost menses.

> "Believe nothing. No matter where you read it, or who said it, even if I
> have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common
> sense."- Siddhartha Guatama aka Buddha.

Buddha tells me to believe nothing, even if he said it.  So in order to
disbelieve that comment, I hafta believe everything.

End riff, back to our regular program.



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