[extropy-chat] evolution / selection of cells within a single body / lifespan

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Mon Oct 30 06:33:53 UTC 2006

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> On Fri, 27 Oct 2006, spike wrote:
> > If one is thin, one does not waste one's limited supply of stem cells in
> the creation of useless and harmful flab...
> Is that really how that works ?  I agree that one benefit of both CR and
> athleticism is thinness, or more specifically, denseness.
> Are you sure maintaining extra body weight causes a correlating depletion
> of stem cells ?

No, I don't know how CR works.  I just tossed that out as wishful thinking,
because I am not a serious CRer, but I am a boney sort.  Ensel, you are
newish around here, so I should comment that many of my posts are meant as
much to entertain as to actually inform.  Only in rocket science should you
invest a modicum of consideration to my stuff.  {8^D  Perhaps you already
realized this after the nudibranch post?*


*Actually I still think that whole naked teller notion is a wicked cool
idea.  You could offer the lowest interest rates in town while charging the
highest, you wouldn't need to even invest in an ATM because no one would use
it anyway, your branch would have the longest lines but paradoxically the
least complaints about it, etc.


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