[extropy-chat] Just curious, it's not natural!

Al Brooks kerry_prez at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 31 06:24:41 UTC 2006

Anne, naturally you have the right to keep the word
It's important to know why it is homosexuals want full
marriage rights and will not be satisfied with mere
civil unions: homosexuals want the right of making
serious medical decisions (as Terry Schiavo's husband
had in her case); they want full interitance rights;
 They want, in short, complete marital parity with

> Anna Taylor wrote:
> > I can't pressume to understand the relationship
> > between 2 men or 2 women and who am I to judge
> what
> > "Union" they want but as a heterosexual woman,
> don't I
> > have every right to keep the word "marriage"?.

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