[extropy-chat] cryonicist's nightmare

John john.heritage at v21.me.uk
Mon Sep 4 15:35:31 UTC 2006

It'd be interesting to see what happens to the life status of freeze dried 
people when someone is finally brought back.

At present, you're officially dead when a qualified medical individual 
believes there's no possible way to save your body - there is no finite 
'they're dead' factor as far as I'm aware (a single thing to look for), just 
a collection of evidence that suggests it's impossible to help you.

MEG scanners are the most sensitive tools for measuring neural activity, and 
they still require tens of thousands of quasi-simultaneously depolarisations 
to detect an event in the brain. So, even with one of these to check you 
dead people out, you're not 100%.

Once a person is actually reanimated, there will be a way to help those 
people in cryo tanks, which would therefore make them alive and any failure 
of the tanks manslaughter by neglagence - with purposeful deactivation being 

Although, I suspect the law will make an attempt to side step the whole 
issue somewhat by coming up with something in between, like "suspension", 
which grants the individual less rights than they'd otherwise have to make 
dealing with them easier.


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