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John john.heritage at v21.me.uk
Tue Sep 5 03:48:57 UTC 2006

The crux of the problem is not knowing that there are laws of physics and limits on what can reasonably be done in the known physuical universe.  Its much easier to accept "magic" and and super-universe entitites. 

I do agree with you.

I'm always careful not to totally tear their ideas apart with words like magic given that I still haven't managed to upload my consciousness and explain the universe yet. What's probably worse than the ideas themselves is the unquestioning belief in them, which is obviously necessary because to get to 80 and then change your mind isn't going to be much fun - at least I might be able to get to that age thinking "well, I've done something".

There's a funny twist going on with cyronics in the way that religious people don't seem to think it's right. Yet they don't mind taking antibiotics. Or going to miracle healing sites. That's kind of like slapping god in the face I would have thought. And if it's because they're fallible humans, they should be able to except that the rest of us are fallible and therefore not valid targets for hate campaigns, looking down on and terrorist bombings. At least I'm not simultaneously kissing up to god and then telling him he's wrong in the same breath.

Of coarse, there's also the fact that for them, it's easier to just believe you're going somewhere spiritually and not have to bother sorting out life insurance and cryo tanks during your waking life.

Religion's all about efficiency. No need to care about dying or being nasty to people because you'll be forgiven, lots of spare time to do other stuff in for most 'believers' in the west - "I'm christian but don't go".



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