[extropy-chat] cryonicist's nightmare

John john.heritage at v21.me.uk
Tue Sep 5 07:07:18 UTC 2006

>Remote places. Very remote places. You will notice no one builds
>even data centers in Alaska. There is a reason for that.

Hence the bit about the tanks being low maintenance by comparison to a lot 
of other things. People don't build there because of the transit costs of 
moving around in the remote location. If you don't need to move much around, 
just dump something and leave it, it's nowhere near as bad.

Data centers need reasonably regular maintenance and upgrading.

>You aren't talking about launching stuff into space, are you?

That was about the idea that you could build atmospheric conditioners to 
condense CO2 out of the air in some of the coldest areas of world. It'd use 
up lots of storage space and cost a lot, but the mica dust in space idea 
costs a crazy amount. Putting a dewar in orbit is in no way unacceptably 
risky - it's been refined to an artform. By the time we get round to 
reanimating people, launching things that size into space may no longer be 
prohibitively expensive. And I suspect we will reach that stage prior to 
reanimating what amounts to an already diseased frozen burger.

>nevermind that with the costs you could buy diamond-studded
>platinum dewars.

Diamond is an excellent thermal conductor, you wouldn't want that on your 
dewar. Sequins, maybe.

>That's Just Not The Problem. The bulk of costs are elsewhere.

Agreed. Although, if you could get them into space the remaining storage 
cost would be virtually zero. You'd have to offset the launch capital 
against the potential saving you could make waiting for reanimation 
technology to reach an appropiate level of ability.

Just a thought, not really all that serious since cryonics is really only a 
fail safe for me.


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