[extropy-chat] nanoantenna

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 17:07:50 UTC 2006


Harvard University engineers demonstrate laser nanoantenna
New laser could lead to higher density DVDs, more powerful microscopes
and novel tools for biology and engineering


This isn't really news, more like the ordinary march of progress in an
extraordinary age.

I remember, when the technology was new, a Scientific American article
on Winchester disk drives. I mean waaaaay back in like 1985, before ho
hum ubiquity truncated the term to simply "hard" drive.  It mentioned
how the capacity limits had just about been reached, a comment proven
wrong almost before the lips ceased their flapping, yet confidently
repeated several dozen times since.

"One day, consumers might be able to back up three terabytes data on one disk."

I do love technology.

Best, Jeff Davis

               "Everything's hard till you
                     know how to do it."
                              Ray Charles

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