[extropy-chat] experimentation in young humans

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Thu Sep 7 03:07:31 UTC 2006

I witnessed an interesting experiment performed by my two month old son.  He
was in his bouncy chair, which has a favored rattle toy suspended above it.
He gazed intently at the toy, then suddenly commented YEEEARG and swung his
arm, which hit the rattle and made a most delightful noise.  (He loves
noise.  This bodes ill.)  For the next several minutes he YEEEARGed and
batted the toy.  Then he tried YEEEARGing without swinging the arm.  No
rattley noise.  So he tried swinging the arm without YEEEARGing.  Rattley
noise.  He discovered he needs to only swing the arm, and the magic word
YEEEARG is unnecessary.  At two months he has discovered the value of
experimentation and evidence based living.




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