[extropy-chat] Sustainability philosopy as a justification for existence

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 7 04:54:45 UTC 2006

--- Robert Bradbury <robert.bradbury at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was genuinely trying to to engage in the
> discussion of resource allocation
> for the purpose of optimization (of lives saved,
> greatest complexity
> achieved soonest, greatest fraction of the phase
> space of molecular designs
> explored (and mostly discarded), greatest amount of
> art, music or literature
> created, etc.)

Robert, I think you are putting the cart before the
horse. In this reality, the only justification
anything needs for existence is thermodynamic
stability. The stars of heaven are tested against the
slings and arrows of entropic time. If countless suns
deserve to exist by simple virtue of their being, why
should we emphemeral bits of protoplasm fret about the
wheretofores of our existense? Your time is better
spent doing everything you can to continue to exist
and dancing in light of the fact that you have
succeeded thus far.

Seek not to justify your existence with philosophy,
instead endeavor to vindicate your philosophy by your
continued existense. If your philosophy of extropic
sustainability is true, you will be successful. If you
are successful others will try to emulate you. 

You can't bring order to the world with violence
anymore than you can make ice cubes with a stove. But
a seed crystal fashions its immediate universe into
its own image with hardly any effort at all. Those
that lead by example, rule the world not with an iron
fist but with the invisible hand of God (or Adam Smith
for you atheists).

Stuart LaForge
alt email: stuart"AT"ucla.edu

"The 'I' is an illusion but that illusion needs to be experienced, and it is only by experience that it can be known as an illusion."

- Shankarachanya

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