[extropy-chat] The Limits of "Property"

Mike Dougherty msd001 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 02:49:16 UTC 2006

On 9/7/06, Joseph Bloch <transhumanist at goldenfuture.net> wrote:
> And people wonder why Transhumanism and Extropy don't appeal to the
> masses...

What people?  Are we supposed to be concerned about the masses?  I really am
not trying to be snarky (it's a natural skill)  Seriously though, is this
list supposed to be a place for like-minded Transhumanists and Extropians to
discuss ideas amongst themselves - or is this a place to encourage "the
masses" to understand the philosophy using sanitized language and small
words?  I do believe it is important to know the audience before attempting
to deliver a point.  If you were just throwing out a quip and I missed the
tone, then "i get it now"  - if not, can you direct me to another resource
for the etiquette of this list?  (ex:  I don't remember a specific
suggestion for top or bottom posting.  My last post was top- out of habit.
Unless there is a preference I usually try to bottom-post to lists so i
remember to trim the quotation)

To make a further comment about appealing to "the masses" - perhaps people
would like it more if we renamed it iTranshumanism and iExtropy.  Or you
know, if the iPod is not the thing, maybe capitalize on how much people love
plasma Television and make it Plasmahumanism, or maybe drop the redundant
letters and just call it Xtropy.  You know, people generally love gimmicky
stuff like that  :)
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