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At 01:19 PM 9/7/2006, pjmanney wrote:

>What would theoretically destroy nanobots?  I guess the more specific 
>question would be: what disassembles diamondoid nanostructures at an 
>atomic level and reverts them back to harmless carbon atoms?  Or simply 
>screws with them enough to render them neutral/inactive/harmless?  To give 
>you some possibly important detail, these are medicinal bots and would be 
>used internally in the brain.  They would need to pass the blood/brain 
>barrier after ingestion.  And there are a whole lot of them.  I don't want 
>to say anymore in a public posting, since all my postings seem to be 
>accessible on Google lately!  [What's that about???]  If you have any 
>questions that I can answer with more specifics, that will lead to a 
>better overall answer, please email me privately.

I discussed this with Robert Freitas who said that you might direct them to 
the Lifeboat Foundation NanoShield proposal 
(http://lifeboat.com/ex/nanoshield), which discusses a number of disabling 
methodologies for rampaging nanorobots (in the "emergency" section), that 
might possibly be relevant.

But maybe the bigger question is how do we encourage creative and artistic 
pursuits within and around transhumanism to work toward possibilities for 
our future and to help society move away from doomsday scenarios.

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