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The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 8 21:09:01 UTC 2006

Hi Gina,

Great video. I checked them all out and yours really
is the coolest. I have tried twice so far to vote for
you from two different computers. Both time a check
mark appeared beneath your video but in neither case
did the number of votes listed for your video
incremement. Does it take a while for ones vote to
register? Or is there a glitch in the web page?

--- Gina Miller <nanogirl at halcyon.com> wrote:

> Please come vote for my animated video that I
> submitted for a wind energy competition, the prize
> is 10 thousand dollars. As you all know my husband
> is Jim Lewis who's famous cryonic support letter "a
> rational gamble" often quoted through out the
> cryonics history and he currently works for
> Foresight (has for 10 years). We have been through a
> lot financially and emotionally due to his multiple
> myeloma cancer diagnosis and following chemotherapy
> and stem cell transplants - and since I am an artist
> who only gets sporadic offers for commission work -
> we could really, really, use this money. But I need
> your votes to win. My submission is the one called
> "Wind Makes the World go Round", when you vote they
> will ask you to register, it's free and really
> quick, they are not super nosey or anything! Please
> also forward this on to anyone you know who will
> also help out with votes for my work. 
> Here is where you can vote for me:
> http://www.windblows.us/ 
> Please come vote, it would be a lot to me and to
> Jim,............. thank you so very much! Gina
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