[extropy-chat] Software: P2P realtime communication, esp. video conferencing

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 04:32:09 UTC 2006

I am interested in testing Linux-to-Linux or Linux-to-non-Linux chat and/or
audio and/or video capabilities.  I am particularly interested in testing
Ekiga (formerly gnome-meeting?) but would be open to testing other systems
such as Skype (though I think this needs an account), Google chat and/or
Linux chat programs.

I'd prefer to work with someone who has some experience in these areas so it
isn't a complete case of the blind leading the blind.

People can respond offlist, if there is a group collectively interested I
may see if online meetings can be setup for a group.

Though it wasn't exactly straight forward, I now have Second Life so it
seems to be running on Gentoo Linux -- but am tending to frown on it since
it is both large and closed source.  It also doesn't serve my purposes from
a "real" business standpoint.  It is likely to remain difficult for some
time to engage in "serious" discussions with an avatar in a VR.

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