[extropy-chat] Is simulation recursion a problem?

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 19 00:05:48 UTC 2006

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> Subject: [extropy-chat] Is simulation recursion a problem?
> Sorry if this is has been discussed in the past, but....
> What is the latest thinking in regards to the problem of simulation
> stacking (i.e. the prospect of endless simulations emerging within
> simulations). ...  George

George I have wondered about this.  Back in the days, we had Apple Panic on
the Apple II running the eight bit 6502 at a blazing 2.8 MEGAHERTZ!  Then we
had the sixteen bit 12 MHz 68000, on which we ran Apple II emulators.  Then
we had the 90 MHz Pentiums, which should be plenty powerful enough to run a
68000 emulator, and now we have 32 bit Pentium 4s running at clock speeds a
thousand times faster than the 2.8 MHz 6502, so we should be able to take a
4 GHz P4, run a P90 emulator running a 68000 emulator running a 6502
emulator running Apple Panic, which was actually a very cool game, one I
have never seen again since 25 years ago.  We should try it just for laughs.



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