[extropy-chat] Is simulation recursion a problem?

Robert Bradbury robert.bradbury at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 13:04:05 UTC 2006

On 9/19/06, Eugen Leitl <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:


Since each matrioshka simulation contains less bits than the embedding
> simulation layer, the dolls do get smaller and smaller. Of course speed is
> too limited in the relativistic universe, so even massively parallel systems
> simulating massively parallel systems do bog down into unusable slowness,
> soon.

Bradbury takes off shoe and pounds it on the table to emphasize Leitl's
point.  It is only if you accept the "Blue People" explanation [1] for
reality synthesis "on demand" that you can work around this problem [2].

As somewhat of a digression...

Those of you who aren't using gmail to read this thread are missing out on
the rather interesting set of links, both sponsored and related, that Google
is selecting to stick beside the thread messages. [3]

If this isn't an example of IA then I don't know what is.  It gives a whole
new meaning to the term "brain tap".  The computer scientists and
sociologists smart enough to realize what is going on are going to be able
to write a slew of papers regarding the impact of "free" near domain and
cross domain links [4] on the rate at which the singularity develops.


1. A ExI thread probably 5+ years ago regarding the "Blue people" as an
explanation for "Deja vu".

2. My "reality" is the only one running as I type this message.  All of the
rest of you are swapped out and are currently suspended in the spin states
of electrons in large satellites composed primarily of iron oxide orbiting
in the Oort cloud.

3. I shouldn't be citing them since it discourages one from finding ways to
tap Google's "intelligence" in your own email interface (the simplest of
course is to just use gmail)...  But just to entice you...
http://www.yasara.org/ (Molecular Dynamics)
http://www.taloncom.com/ (FPGA & ASIC design)
http://www.novas.com/ (Debugging software)
http://www.altera.com/ (FPGA processors @ 65nm)
Hanging on by a thread? (string theory in USA Today)
UCSB, Intel Develop First Hybrid Silicon Laser (press release on possible
use of lasers to communicate between processors and memory to eliminate that
MCS Preprints numbered 500 and above (ANL preprints for scientific papers
involving various topics, some particularly related to grid computing).

(I'm not including the full URLs since they are easy to lookup and are in
the really long Google ad syndication format.)

4. It *used* to require real wet brain clock cycle time to come up with such
links if you even knew enough to ask the right questions and knew where to
look for the answers.
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