[extropy-chat] what is the upside / advantage of meat ?

Ensel Sharon user at dhp.com
Fri Sep 22 21:02:29 UTC 2006

On Fri, 22 Sep 2006, Brian Lee wrote:

> At least historically animal products were useful in converting vegetable 
> matter that humans couldn't digest (grass, straw, etc) into protein, milk, 
> fuel, etc.

Yes, I certainly thought of this - although it is certainly bastardized
now what with corn and meal fed cattle in the US...

> I've found that it is certainly easier, in the US, to get one's nutrients 
> through meat than through vegetable substitutes. Not to mention the cultural 
> constraints of not eating meat.
> So path of least resistance leads to meat being consumed, historically and 
> currently.

Ok.  I think a decent conclusion would be that the downside of meat is its
negative longevity and health ramifications, and the upside is the
(sometimes) expedient nature of its production and storage.

> I too, know some beefy, strong lifelong pure vegetarians so it is certainly 
> possible (look at the population of India).

Right.  There's the "but..."

You see, I do look at the population of India.  And further, I look at
entrenched stereotypes about meat eaters and plant eaters.  I notice that
most indians, even rich second generation ones that have grown up in the
US, are not exactly "big and strong".

Further, we all know that there is a stereotype about plant eaters
vs. meat eaters, and while I like to look beyond conventional wisdom, I
have found that most stereotypes have some basis in fact.  And the fact
is, all else being equal, and with no prior knowledge of the individuals,
I would pick a random meat eater to be my linebacker over a random
vegan ...

So again, I have a suspicion that the cost/benefit analysis goes beyond

(causes_high_cholesterol / easy_to_turn_non_edible_grasses_into_calories)

And that there is some "benefit" (perhaps an anachronism) related to
aggression or testosterone or strength and power, etc. ...

Comments ?  Apologies if I am being dense and/or beating this to death...

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