[extropy-chat] what is the upside / advantage of meat ?

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From: pjmanney 

>Natasha would be the list expert, but I've also spent many years among
competitive body >builders and there isn't a vegan among them that I know
personally.  When dietary >intake is what will make or break a winner, they
all go for meat.  Lean protein = new >lean muscle.

Steve Holt doesn't look too bad
http://vegetarianbodybuilder.com/index2.html  and his list of non-meat
protiens is extensive http://ksteveh.tripod.com/protein.html

I was a vegetarian for ten years.  But when I noticed a percentage of my
body mass shrinking I introduced fish back into my diet, and later chicken.
We must have protein to function, just as we need our complex carbs,
minerals, enzymes and vitamins.  Best protein I think is salmon and tuna. 
I don't like chicken but I eat it.

Being petite, I can't afford to loose body mass.  I became a light-weight
body builder as a preventative measure in delaying bone density loss and to
build and cut muscle.  Then I became somewhat committed to the sport. The
only way to put on muscle is to consume protein.  Protein comes in many
varieties.  Most body builders supplement their protein intake with protein
drinks comprised of whey
http://nutrition-and-health.com/wheyprotein.htm#prodinfo , soy
http://www.puritan.com/pages/Categories.asp?xs=&CID=43&Page=0&sort= , egg
whites, etc.

You don't have to look like the men and women at Flex
http://www.flexonline.com/ to set goals for building muscle mass, but
following some of their advise on the website helps.

Brian Rowley (in "Muscle & Fitness" magazine) has some ideas on the topic


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