[extropy-chat] where to go with supplementation in a post-Nick-Lane world ?

Ensel Sharon user at dhp.com
Sun Sep 24 05:21:19 UTC 2006

I recently read "Sex, Power, Suicide" by Nick Lane.  It is a fascinating
book and I highly recommend it.  I realize that the research and
development he chronicles in the book has been ongoing for some time, and
is not his own, but for the purpose of this post I refer to it as the
"nick lane viewpoint".

For those who don't know, the synopsis is that free radicals are an
essential signaling mechanism in the cell, the complete absence of which
would be quite disastrous.  Further, the respiratory chains inside of
mitochondria, where the free radicals emanate from and do their damage, is
not a location that one could even hope that ingested antioxidants could

I'm a skeptical person, so I will treat this new trend the same way I
treated the old trend (that cocoa and vitamins and pom juice and green tea
were the fountain of youth) with suspicion.

However, it would seem that the whole notion of antioxidant regimens and
ORAC rations and blah blah are just a bunch of bunk (which I suspected -
honestly, if green tea and pomegranates and cocoa made significant impacts
on longevity, we would have known it 1000 years ago ... it's not like
people didn't take note of such things...).

(comments ?  Please ?)


So let's say I buy this theory, and let's say you buy it too .. where does
one go from here ?  I get my 5+5 servings of fruits and veggies per day, I
eat good whole foods, stay trim and fit, etc.  ...  is that it ?

I like to optimize ... and I like to hack ... and just because the whole
antioxidant bandwagon is bunk doesn't mean I'm not interested in getting
better performance and strength and injury recovery and stamina ... I am.

So in the post-nick-lane world, what should I be studying/trying/testing ?


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