[extropy-chat] "Hyperdrive Engine Could Let Us Reach Mars in 3 Hours"

David Masten dmasten at piratelabs.org
Mon Sep 25 06:10:05 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-09-24 at 18:03 -0700, Michael Anissimov wrote:
> Can anyone make sense out of this?
> http://www.impactlab.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=7241

Yes. Unfortunately I can't make any sense out of the "award winning
paper". Or rather, I get the general gist, but the authors fail to
provide enough information to even check the math in the paper, let
alone design an experiment to demonstrate the concept. I am rather
disappointed in the AIAA for giving an award for it.

The general gist is that if Heim-Droscher theory is correct, then a
spinning mass in a powerful magnetic field will produce a force. With a
large enough spinning mass and a powerful enough magnetic field, the
force would not only be measurable, but also useful in propelling a
spacecraft. Under the right circumstances, another effect can be
produced which causes the device to slip into "hyperspace". In slipping
into hyperspace the objects velocity undergoes a transform, causing a
relative increase in the velocity magnitude. Also the speed of light in
hyperspace is considerably higher, thus allowing higher velocities than
would be otherwise obtainable.

Doing an experiment to (in)validate the theory can be done with existing
technology, a 6.3 Tesla field and a 100kg rotating ring would give a 3
Newton force. A useful implementation is still a bit away, the authors
give an example of a 10^5kg spaceship with a 1000kg ring and a 13 Tesla
field providing a 10^6 N force - a very slow ascent away from the Earth.
Unfortunately, there is not enough information to do the detailed design
for the experiment.


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