[extropy-chat] "Hyperdrive Engine Could Let Us Reach Mars in 3 Hours"

Bret Kulakovich bret at bonfireproductions.com
Mon Sep 25 19:08:35 UTC 2006

  "Hyperdrive Engine Could Let Us Reach Mars in 3 Hours" , as a bowl  
of soup.

There. Fixed that for you. =)

My personal favorite in the Heim/Tesla/QEV mash-up is the Neutralino.


If you could shear it from its virtual pair, at ~2500 GeV throwing  
these things overboard in an organized manner would certainly get you  

This other one reared it's head recently: I have to say the "diagram"  
on NewScientist a few days ago wasn't very inspiring. Not sure if  
anyone linked it yet:


This seems to indicate either a) you are doing that high-voltage  
moves-air thing, or b) every feedhorn on the planet should be wizzing  
around through the air.

Thanks, but I hope the US continues to develop its positronium  
production infrastructure.

On Sep 24, 2006, at 9:03 PM, Michael Anissimov wrote:

> Can anyone make sense out of this?
> http://www.impactlab.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=7241
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