[extropy-chat] weird al takes on rap

spike spike66 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 26 04:55:59 UTC 2006


Fellow physics geeksters, what (if anything) is that equation before which
Weird Al is dancing?  It looks kinda familiar, but several things about it
suggest it is just a gag.  I don't recall del squared in any of the famous
equations, and if h is Planck's constant, does that thing show up squared in
any of the big theories?  The del suggests a quantum energy density (as a
function of radius?) or a wave equation but then what is the mu?  Also there
are two negative signs inside the square brackets (odd but not impossible)
and psi(r) is on both sides of the equation.  Help me Obi Wan Scerir, you
are my only hope.  

Too bad Weird Al didn't put up one or all of Maxwell's equations.  {8^D


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