[extropy-chat] weird al takes on rap

Anders Sandberg asa at nada.kth.se
Tue Sep 26 21:08:28 UTC 2006

spike wrote:
>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xEzGIuY7kw
> Fellow physics geeksters, what (if anything) is that equation before which
> Weird Al is dancing?

It is the Schrödinger equation for an electron in a hydrogen atom, leaving
out the 1/4piepsilon_0 factor in front of the e^2/r potential.

I just realised how totally nerdy I am, since I got all the references at
first try. Except possibly the binary, it doesn't look like ascii.

> Too bad Weird Al didn't put up one or all of Maxwell's equations.  {8^D

Too easy. Vacuum's video for "I Breathe"
includes the equations used by the Swedish National Bank to set the
interest rate. Now that is esoteric! (the video was BTW recorded at ABB
Power Technologies lightning research lab in Ludvika, Sweden)

Any other good equations in music videos?

Anders Sandberg,
Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics
Philosophy Faculty of Oxford University

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