[extropy-chat] Wireheading

John john.heritage at v21.me.uk
Thu Sep 28 18:59:20 UTC 2006

> inserting a cannula into the basal forebrain and releasing
> microdoses of cocaine would probably be a great kick, and I think that one
> could get around some of the systemic bad effects of cocaine this way. And
> the placebo factor would be a real kicker.

Reminds me of the bodyswap episode of Red Dwarf;

"LISTER: (upon seeing a large needle that KRYTEN just removed the air
  from and looking worried) Kryten, what's that for?
KRYTEN: It's a mental emetic.
LISTER: A what?
KRYTEN: A mind enema -- so we can flush out your brain.
LISTER: Nobody's flush'n out my brain.
KRYTEN: We'll transfer it back afterwards.
LISTER: You are not sticking that thing in my head

KRYTEN: Keep that safe -- it's Lister's mind.

He hands the small cassette to CAT.  As they are all looking at it CAT
drops it into a mug of coffee.  RIMMER recoils very quickly.  CAT,
looking most apologetic, but not quite managing to hide an evil smirk,
removes the cassette from his coffee and slinks off."


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