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Bret Kulakovich bret at bonfireproductions.com
Fri Sep 29 01:37:02 UTC 2006

On Sep 28, 2006, at 4:05 PM, John wrote:

> Then you have science that routinely sets deadlines for when to  
> expect things to happen, that don't emerge on time. So when the  
> next scientist says "we'll have hover cars by then", they get  
> laughed at by the people who are waiting to ride the golden  
> elevator to heaven, who've heard the same thing over and over and  
> not seen it happen. The bible is very careful of setting specific  
> dates to hold events to, it's all on the promise of someday

Ah, but science does not do this. Science says that there will be a  
lunar eclipse next Thursday, at exactly this time, viewed exactly  
from this range of locations. And these things always take place as  
advertised when the math is done properly. That is what people need  
to be taught - the hover-car salesman is not a scientist.

> I'm growing increasingly concerned with precisely what kind of  
> effect people like Dawkins are having on kids as well in their  
> attempt to create media shocks in regards to religion. I think  
> we're bringing up a dangerous level of kids with the attitude that  
> any question outside of numbers on a piece of paper is of no worth.  
> That they'll deny the possibility before even looking at it.

I'm not sure I follow you here - what exactly is wrong with denying  
the possibility before even looking at it? Don't you think it is more  
harmful to indoctrinate that there has to be something?

The majority of religious people are the religions of their parent 
(s). What choice did they have? This is part of why I made my earlier  
remark about steering us away from the use of the word "commandments"  
- Religion isn't about making choices for yourself. Let's not sully  
our work here with it.


Bret K.

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