[extropy-chat] Uses of Religion

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Sat Sep 30 16:19:47 UTC 2006

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>... while the duller, more
> gullible and acquiescent have many children who do little more than
> provide cannon fodder to low-grade employment tasks and old-fashioned
> war, which moiety will win Darwin's race? ... Damien Broderick

The duller, gullible and acquiescent win that race by many furlongs.
Reasoning: in modern times we speak almost constantly of wars.  But if we
actually break down the numbers of those slain, 3000 American soldiers in
the past 3 years, perhaps half as many Europeans, 20 or so a day in suicide
bombings and related violence in the middle east.  

Do allow me to ignore the continent of Africa to make this point.  Our times
are nearly indistinguishable from peace.  The total number slain in warfare,
including all terrorism and crime as warfare, is negligible in Darwin's race
for genetic expression.  Go to your local maternity ward to see where
Darwin's race is being run.


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