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I think part of the problem was that there was no way for him to, you know, seek treatment for his heart condition in that society.  If you weren't perfect from birth, you were basically screwed.  And if you got into an accident (like Eugene or whatever his name was) you were also screwed, because there were no real services or treatments for people with acquired disabilities (plus, a colossal social stigma). 

Though I agree the main character shouldn't have put other people's lives at risk, I think the entire social structure they had in that movie was extremely dystopian.  I also think that level of social control would be impossible in the real world, though.  The whole film was mediocre fiction but not much more.

- Anne

Damien Broderick <thespike at satx.rr.com> wrote: 
>There's more proof why no amount of funding or genius script can 
>produce an H+ movie for the masses.

Actually I thought it was a shithouse movie (despite its prettiness), 
but not for any reason a tender hearted humanist would accept. The 
wonderful damaged natural human with a dud heart swims out after his 
(by hypothesis) supermanized gene-optimized big brother who's always 
(of course) beaten the pants off him before but is now about to 
drown, and saves him, driven by *sheer human dogged grit and pluck*! 
At the end, I dimly recall, he passes himself off as a standard 
superman for a trip to Mars or somethun, even though his heart will 
with p = 0.997 explode en route from the stress; instead of 
chastizing him for putting everyone else's lives at risk by bumping 
the real expert, we're meant to see this as a triumph for sheer human 
dogged grit and pluck, rather than selfish bastardry. Ah well. 

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